Anonymous sent: fuck, I have mad lust for you baby.

Aww. ♡♥♡♥♡♥

Anonymous sent: Where are you from if you don't mind us asking? I'd love to help make a part 2 for your "two girls" audio with you ;)

Lol, I live in Colorado.

Anonymous sent: I know you already weren't going to, but just in case, don't put up pictures of yourself please. I'm sure you're pretty, but in my head you're just perfect because your voice is just so fucking sexy. I'd rather not lose some of the pleasure of stroking my cock to the sound of it. Stay awesome :)

See I like the way you think. <3 I don’t really plan on it, an the pictures for the donators will be emailed. So we’re good. unless you donate in which just let me know, and I won’t send you pictures. ;P

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Anonymous sent: The last week your audio's made me cum more as 10 times. When do you post another one? Xx

I post when I feel like it. There is no scheduled.

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Anonymous sent: Are you from the netherlands? X


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Anonymous sent: I was thinking about your pt 2 earlier, it caused a coming distraction for me today. The sound of your breathing in my ear. Your fingers exploring my sensitive clit. No baby don't you dare stop. Moan and I thrust harder into your fingers. We're about to climax. More. More baby. Heartbeats pulses throbbing. I'm coming.

Mmm, sounds so fucking delicious.

Anonymous sent: just smashed a juicy strawberry in my gf's pussy, and then licked it clean... yummy!

Sounds tasty. :)

Anonymous sent: is there a deadline to donate to see the images or..

Preferably by Friday, but I may accept a few more after.

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Anonymous sent: So, general question for all boys and gals curious: What would fall under your limits for requests? I was thinking of making a donation for a personal audio, but I don't want you to do anything you don't want to. Would calling out someone's name for example be too uncomfortable or what? And if you could, maybe list a few things you won't do regardless of how many times people ask in personal requests? Thanks for answering in advance!

Calling out someones name would not be an issue, otherwise, what would make it personal? Im not really sure what my limits would be in terms of the personal audio, though I kmow Im not very goos at dirty talk, so Indont think a request for that would be beneficial for anyone. Lol.

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