Anonymous sent: do you think this girl is the one? congratulations honey

Not sure about her being the one… but I think she has the potential. And thank you. ;)

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:) Thank you so very much. ♥

Anonymous sent: Please post something, just something short if possible! We miss you and it's been weeks!x

I’m sorry to say, but we have made it official. I probably won’t be posting anything anytime soon. I will leave the page up, and I am still reachable by Kik, but I have myself a girlfriend, who may possibly in the future, be into posting audio’s with me, but for now, its just me and her. Love you all, and look forward to continuing to chat with you all. 

For personal use later on. :p
Anonymous sent: I, for one, am very happy for you, Hun! You've helped me with your gorgeous voice, so it's only natural someone helps you, right? I hope you and her are very happy together. <33

Aww. Thank you so very much. <3

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Anonymous sent: Who you datin'?

A person. :D

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Anonymous sent: Can't say that I don't miss your posts but then again I can see how getting involved in the triad of relationships can be... FYI to everyone else, leave her be and scroll through the archives. If they made you come once they'l make you come again
Anonymous sent: Please post...

Sorry. when it happens it happens. when it doesn’t, I’m probably getting laid. lol. and this relationship is a bit more serious than my last. 

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Random question time …



If I walked on on you RIGHT NOW, what would I see?

Me, half naked, sexting while watching Netflix



nobody on this website should ever have sex